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Ordering Instructions:


(Make sure to read the info to the left to decide which version you want...and believe us, this is not-for-profit!)



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(Uplifting PBS Version)

$10.00 (includes shipping)




(Bittersweet Version)

$10.00 (includes shipping)


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OR Order by Mail:

  • Specify which version you want ("bittersweet" or "uplifting")
  • Include your mailing address
  • Send a check for $10 payable to "Chris Eska" to:

Chris Eska

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NOTE:  The DVD is a DVD-R, which plays on over 90% of DVD Players made after January 1999.  We've never seen a problem with this disc, but wanted to put the warning out there.


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Video Information:


The Doki-Doki DVD includes:

  • a short version (your choice of either "bittersweet" or "uplifting" edits)
  • a long version (included on all DVD's)
  • extra features (photos, filmmaker info, deleted shots)


Which Version Did You See?



--If you saw Doki-Doki televised on PBS, it was the short "uplifting" version.  

--If you saw Doki-Doki at a festival, it was the short "bittersweet" version.

--The "long" version is available only on DVD.  It has approximately 15 minutes of additional scenes picking up where the short version leaves off.  There is also a scene in which Yumi telephones Yosuke's boss while she is spying on Yosuke. 



Difference Between the Two "Short" Versions:


 (WARNING:  SPOILERS)  The only difference is the last 15 seconds of the film:  the "uplifting" version shows Makiko (the schoolgirl) blowing bubbles from the bridge;  the "bittersweet" version shows only bubbles swirling around the bridge and train tracks but doesn't show Makiko.



Why the Different Versions?


The original concept was the "short bittersweet" version, but the director wanted to experiment with a more traditional and romantic ending, so he wrote and filmed an additional 15 minutes which included the schoolgirl clearly living and interacting with Yumi one final time.  Currently, the director's favorite version is the ambiguous "short bittersweet" version, but PBS preferred to include the 15 seconds of Makiko blowing bubbles from the bridge from the "long" version, thus creating the "short uplifting " version.