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Welcome to the first issue and thanks for subscribing! 

I hope you find a few of these tidbits interesting.  And be sure to show your DVD to as many people as possible and recommend the movie and its website to friends--it's the only way for films like this to get out there.


Upcoming Screenings

Doki-Doki will screen on April 10th and 13th at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival.


My Next Film Project

The film is tentatively titled August Evening, and will be shot this summer on location in south Texas.  Read more...


My Upcoming Road Trip/Film

Either late this spring or early this fall, I plan to take a cross-country road trip and visit Doki supporters.  During the trip, I plan to shoot an emotional experimental documentary blending real-life interviews and re-creations.   You can be a part of it!   Read more...


The Trip Behind Doki-Doki

A year-long backpacking trek across Asia and India led to the making of the film.  Read more...


Random Doki Fact

The early scene depicting the point-of-view of a suicide on the tracks was shot backwards.  The background music during the shot is the theme from the banned Italian horror film Cannibal Holocaust, also played backwards.


New Interview and Article about Doki-Doki

The online magazine The Central Plaza has interviewed me and written a lovely feature on the film.  Check out the graphics alongside the article!   Read the article.


Yumi Endo cast in Tony Takitani

Yumi Endo, the lead actress of Doki-Doki, has a small role in the new film by top Japanese director Jun Ichikawa.  I haven't seen it, but the film screened in the Sundance World Competition.  Let me know if you've seen it.  Here's the plot:  When technical illustrator Tony Takitani asks his wife to resist her all-consuming obsession for designer clothes, the consequences are tragic.

Visit the Tony Takitani  website

Your Favorite Ending and "TalkBack"

Which ending of Doki-Doki do you prefer and why?  I've always wondered how people felt about this, so don't be shy.   Elaborate and share your ideas with the other newsletter readers...I'll post these in the next issue.

Doki-Doki has completed its first run on national PBS, and viewer comments can be read at the PBS TalkBack website.  You can add your thoughts, too.



Chris' Recommendations...

Film Recommendations
The bottom of the FAQ page of my website already lists several films I love, so in each newsletter I'll suggest one different film and elaborate on one of those already listed.  Read more...

Music Recommendations
Many people emailed saying how much they liked the music selection for Doki-Doki, so I thought I'd pass on suggestions of bands not featured in the film.  

Book Recommendations
The short stories of Naoya Shiga were a great influence on Ozu and other esteemed Japanese directors.  I especially enjoy the stories concerning tram riders and nature retreats.

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