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Welcome to the 2nd installment! 

As many of you know, I'm deep in preproduction on my new feature film, August Evening.  We're hoping for a start date of August 1.  If you're in Texas, come join us in the sweltering heat and humidity!


My Next Film Project

Update:  The film is titled August Evening, and will be shot this summer on location in south Texas.  Read the update...


My Upcoming Road Trip/Film

Update:  I don't want to shortchange August Evening, so I'm putting the experimental documentary on hold until early autumn.  But the project is still very important to me and I hope you'll be involved when the time comes!  Read last issue's introduction to the project...


The Trip Behind Doki-Doki

More photos from the year-long backpacking trek across Asia and India that led to the making of the film.  See photos from India...


Random Doki Facts

1.  The opening voice-over narration was recorded as a temporary track in my kitchen by the 19-yr-old camera assistant, Haruki Iwakiri.  He also held his nose for a nasal impersonation of the train conductor, but laughed so much it took 29 takes.  I ended up liking his voice so much that we left both parts in and he ended up talking to a few million people on TV!

2.  Two scenes from the film were shot in America:  the microphone from Yumi's speech was at UCLA, and the mailman delivery was in Ottine, TX (it's my hand).


Tabloid Photos of the Doki-Doki Cast!!

Okay, not really.  But if you ever wondered what the actors look like in real life, here are some pics from a year after the shoot.  See the photos...  


Name the Actress, Get a Free DVD

My favorite actress of all time shocked the film world when she retired in 1966 while still in her 40's.   Now 85 years old, she tries to live a quiet life in a picturesque Kanto community.  She never married, and was a symbol for both progressive and traditional Japan.  Her warm smile still inspires me to make films.

Here's a photo of her.

Be the first to name her and you'll get your choice of a Doki-Doki DVD or a copy of her most famous film.  Email with the answer.

Interactive Doki

Have you ever had a "Doki Moment" in your daily life?  Strangers forced to connect, a long-simmering crush, or a kind gesture that made a difference?   Elaborate and share your story with the other newsletter readers...I'll post these in the next issue.

Last time readers were asked how they felt about the different endings.  Read selected comments here

Doki-Doki has completed its first run on national PBS, and viewer comments can be read at the PBS TalkBack website.  You can add your thoughts, too.



Chris' Recommendations...

Film Recommendations
The bottom of the FAQ page of my website already lists several films I love, so in each newsletter I'll suggest one different film and elaborate on one of those already listed.  Asian films are the topic this time.  Read more...

Music Recommendations
Many people emailed saying how much they liked the music selection for Doki-Doki, so I thought I'd pass on suggestions of bands not featured in the film.  Electronic music is covered in this issue.  

Book Recommendations
Stephen Harrigan is a Texas novelist with a sensitivity for our interaction with the natural world.  His bittersweet Jacob's Well is a gripping account of cave divers and makes me nostalgic for Texas in the early 80's.

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