Quiz (#2)


Be the first to correctly answer these incredibly difficult questions and get a DVD at no charge... Happy New Year's!

  1. Fill in the blanks:  Yumi and Yosuke go on an amusement park ride at the " _____   ____ Expo."

  2. Where does the Madame vomit while riding the train?

  3. What does Makiko ask Yumi on the train platform?

  4. When Yumi and Makiko first get on the train, they share a smile because they both notice what?

  5. What's the name of the Postal Service song that is looped over the beginning of the film?

Good Luck!

(Please don't answer if you already have access to a DVD.)

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Bonus (for a 2nd DVD):

What sport did Yosuke play as a child, according to the color photo slideshow?





Old Quiz Questions:

  1. Who did Makiko call on her cell phone?

  2. Yumi won a scholarship to study in which country?

  3. Which body part did Yosuke show Yumi that made her laugh?


  1. Her mother

  2. Italy

  3. His pinky's