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Road Trip and Experimental Doc

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Pictured at Left:  not me.

  Road Trip and Experimental Documentary




The Trip

    After buying a new car and doing a little planning, I'll set off across the continent, hopefully visiting many of you along the way (or out of the way).  During the trip, I plan to film an emotionally complex experimental documentary blending real-life interviews and re-creations.  In addition to interviewing the people already involved with the doc's subject matter, I'd also like to interview many others who have strong opinions or have had similar experiences.  I'll need people of all ages and from all walks of life, both in huge cities and rural villages.  Right now the only place I'm definitely shooting is the Empire State Building, but I really want diversity in this film so I might go anywhere from Alaska to the Florida Keys.  Maybe if I'm in your town you'll join the project!


    I'm keeping the details of the doc under wraps for now, but the themes are more important than the exact subject anyway.  I don't pretend to have any answers or truly understand these concepts, but I think they're worth exploring.  Some themes are:
  • the impossibility of truly knowing the ones you love
  • the unstoppable force of time
  • the meaning of family
  • idealistic love across decades
  • the difficulties of aging
  • the unreliability of memories
  • selfishness as a necessity
  • accepting and transcending life's imperfection
  • sacrifice

Plus some more uplifting stuff, too.  I promise.



More soon on where I'll be going...