August Evening    
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August Evening

  "Let me give you this sneak peak:  imagine naturalistic 1950's world cinema, humming cicadas, ethereal music, chicken farms, gentle glances, and lots of rustling leaves."   

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  August Evening

    While reading this page, Listen to a song that helps describe the feeling of the film.  It might take a few seconds to load, possibly several minutes for dial-up.  (RealPlayer required)


My first feature film is titled August Evening, and will be shot this summer on location in rural south Texas.

The story follows an aging undocumented worker, Jaime, and his young widowed daughter-in-law, Lupe, as their lives are thrown into upheaval.  Lupe is more of a daughter to Jaime than his own children, and the two try to stick together... but change is inevitable.



    It will be somewhat of a departure from Doki-Doki, in that it will be more subtle and less concerned with the causality and suspense necessary in a traditional plot.  There will still be gentle romance and heartbreaking tragedy, but not necessarily in swelling climaxes.  August Evening will rely on the warmth of the characters, a gentle humor, the universality of human experience, and the beauty in sadness.

The film deals with many subjects that are seemingly emotionally heavy, but this will not be a depressing film.  Instead, I will concentrate on the Japanese idea of "mono no aware," which is impossible to translate but involves finding peace with life's imperfection

Perhaps a more commercial project would be a wiser career move, but I strongly feel the need to make this film.  The emotions it will express are generally absent from films today, but are ubiquitous in the real world.


More specifics in the next issue...