Favorite Endings


I've posted a selection of comments from readers regarding their favorite version.






  Favorite Endings

Selected Comments  
The version I prefer best is the shorter ending, where it ends with the Makiko and the bubbles.  To me that ending almost seemed...haunting for lack of a better word.  It was the perfect note to end on and everything felt more complete.  It's hard to explain, there was just something about it that blew me away.  It might have been because I saw this version first, but I think it was because of the artistic way you handled it.  The other ending seemed more drawn out and I liked the fact that with the shorter ending you could have your own idea about where the characters would go from there.  I think it also had to do with what an amazing job Sae Takenaka did playing Makiko, she symbolized the perfect return to status quo. 

--Jazmin, Fort Worth


I liked the "bittersweet short" version because it's ambiguous and I prefer that the director let me make up my own mind.  I want to be an active part of my entertainment.  Otherwise, it gets too pat like Hollywood endings.

--Jeff, New Mexico


Bittersweet Version Rocks!!



The one where you see Makiko blowing bubbles at the end is my favorite because real life has enough pain and suffering in it.  We need a sense of hope instead of all these depressing films.

--Mary, Minnesota


I know the long version isn't Chris' favorite, but it works for me.  Maybe I'm too conventional, but I liked Yosuke waiting at the station and the way it was shot and set to music.  Even the slow-motion when the bike falls and the screen goes black.  Plus, the freeze-frame kiss at the end is priceless.  And it ends on an upbeat song, too!  I guess it depends on your mood.

--Eva, New Jersey