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  • India






To the left:  The floating Lake Palace in Udaipur, India.  They filmed Octopussy here in the mid-80's, a film that had a huge impact on me as a young boy.  (not sure if that's a good thing)








Just Randomly  

  I've got two words for you: Cat Jump





  Travel 2

This page is dedicated to photos from the now infamous year-long trek I took to get away from L.A. and film school.  I backpacked from China, through Southeast Asia, across to India, down to Bali, and back up to Japan.  I think I still have some sand in my shoes.  This trip changed my life, and Doki-Doki was directly inspired by it. 



Photos from Featured Country


Each photo album comes with commentary of varying intelligence.


Previous Countries  
  • Japan  (the culture that inspired my film)
  • Myanmar (a.k.a. Burma, perhaps the most interesting place I've ever been)


  Upcoming Countries  
  • North China
  • South China
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia/Singapore
  • Indonesia


The next issue will introduce Southeast Asia.