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Chris Eska (director) was raised in Ottine, Texas (pop. 98) before attending Rice University and UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television.  After backpacking across India and Asia during a year-long leave of absence from UCLA, Chris returned to Tokyo to produce "Doki-Doki", his Master's Thesis.






Megumi Kano (producer) was born in Tokyo, Japan.  She spent her childhood in the suburbs of New York and San Francisco, but otherwise lived in Tokyo.  After graduating from university, she moved to Los Angeles and is currently attending graduate school at UCLA. 





Aya Mitsuhashi (producer) works and lives in Tokyo, Japan.  She has written and directed several independent short films.  She currently works as a digital video editor while preparing for her next film.






Yasu Tanida (cinematographer) graduated from Chapman University's film program and is a cinematographer for independent films and music videos.  He is a Japanese citizen who was raised entirely in Orange County, California.


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Lead Actors: 






Yumi Endo (as Yumi) studied acting at Nihon University's College of Art and received the Chancellor's Award in recognition of her accomplishments in acting.  She has appeared in numerous independent films as well as TV dramas and commercials in Japan.




Hayato Sugano (as Yosuke) spent his early childhood in Cypress, California, before returning to Tokyo.  He currently attends the Japan Academy of Moving Images, established by director Shohei Imamura.  Doki-Doki was his film debut.  



Sae Takenaka  (as Makiko) is an actress with the agency, Office Tomo, in Tokyo.  Her works include numerous TV dramas, commercials, independent films, and theatrical productions.


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   Cast and crew on the last day of shooting, at Shindaita Station platform in Tokyo.


Promotional stills from KCET's website.