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February 24, 2008

Director Chris Eska's first feature film, August Evening, has won the Cassavetes Award for Best Feature (budget under $500k) at the 2008 Spirit Awards Also nominated was first-timer Pedro Castaneda in the Best Actor category alongside Oscar-nominees Philip Seymour Hoffman and Don Cheadle.

July 12, 2007

August Evening recently premiered with huge success at the Los Angeles Film Festival!  The film sold for theatrical distribution immediately following its first screening, won the Target Award for Best Film ($50k), and was awarded the Best Acting Ensemble Award.

Older News

The Austin Chronicle highlights the new Texas Filmmakers Production Fund award given to Chris Eska for the completion of August Evening.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Houston Film Commission's retrospective for the works of Doki-Doki's director on August 3rd. 

New projects include an experimental documentary and a feature film set in India.

Doki-Doki has completed its first run on the national PBS series Independent Lens, and viewer comments can be read at the PBS website.  You can add your thoughts, too.

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  This is the official website for the short film Doki-Doki, directed by Chris Eska, and airing on Fine-Cut (KCET) and Indepdent Lens (PBS).  

Talkback at the PBS website and Share Your Comments with the director.

Film Synopsis:

    In suburban Tokyo, commuters find themselves waiting every day with the same group of strangers for the same seats on the same train...until one day, things change. 

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Note on  Chris Eska is solely responsible for the film, "Doki-Doki", and its content; Fine-Cut (KCET PBS) and Independent Lens (national PBS and ITVS) are in no way liable for the content of .

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