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August Evening

  Preproduction Update  

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    We're at the stage known as "preproduction", which involves all the planning necessary to make a feature film run (relatively) smoothly.  Even though it's a modest film by Hollywood standards, it's still a huge amount of work...


So we've set a start date of August 1, with shooting in the Gonzales, Austin, and San Antonio areas.  I'd prefer to shoot HD (high-end digital video), but may fall back on actual film if need be.

I've been meeting many cool and enthusiastic Texans who understand the themes and emotions I'm trying to convey.  They will comprise the production's crew and live in the "August Evening commune" in the rural area of Gonzales, Texas.



    Next week I'm returning to Los Angeles for casting, but will also hold auditions in Texas the second week of June.  We're having a particularly hard time finding appropriate submissions for the lead male, a bilingual Latino in his late 50's or early 60's.  He needs to have a weathered face, but gentle eyes.  We've extended the search to non-actors, so if you know anyone with an authentic look let us know!  (We're searching for someone to play his wife, too.)

Next up will be location scouting and camera tests.  I want to highlight the natural settings of my rural hometown, and find interesting ways to transport the audience to a humid August night, complete with fireflies, condensation on iced-tea glasses, and humming cicadas.

I haven't felt this excited about a film in a very long time, so wish us luck!


Next time:  Production.

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